Lucky Dip Music Resource Links

The following are some fun, quirky, absorbing or useful music resources. Click on one at random and see where it takes you…..

Music Jokes! Just for fun.

Association of Blind Piano Tuners website contains information about everything related to pianos, from history, makers, movers, teachers, tuners and more. A fantastic resource for all piano enthusiasts!

BandName Worldwide search and registration of band names. Why Register? Establishing prior usage is a key component in protecting your name and avoiding unwelcome legal challenges. The Worldwide Registry notifies artists and labels where potential territorial name conflicts exist and registers your historical claim to ‘name’ usage.

BBC Music – Music across the BBC.

Bemuso gives detailed advice to the self-employed independent musician. A brilliant resource.

British Music Magazines A comprehensive list of British music magazines from Wikipedia, Click on them for Wikipedia’s page about them – their background and what they cover. Links to their websites are at the bottom of their Wikipedia page under External Links.

Buying Concert TicketsDon’t get caught out by ticket cons and fraud. Advice about buying concert tickets can be found here on the Concert Promoters Association website.

Electronic music blogs like Generation BassTropical BassSoundNomadenRadio CanalhOrganikFunk and Eclectikstudio. On Facebook e.g. sublvl

Get Safe Online covers everything you can think of about internet safety, from shopping to chatting, banking, smartphones and tablets etc.

Glossary of terms used about copyright, copying and distribution of music on computers.

How to tour in a band Humourous take on touring and how to get along. Warning – lots of bad language.

International Association of Music Libraries  exists to represent and promote the interests of music librarians and libraries, music–related archives and music information providers. They have an excellent resource page with links to loads of interesting information about music.

Looking After Your Hearing – advice by Action on Hearing Loss

LP Cover Lover Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of record covers from the golden age of LPs. Lots of quirky categories.

Monkeyboxing is the “number one blog for FUNK, SOUL, HIP-HOP, NU/ GHETTO FUNK, associated MASH-UPS/ BOOTLEGS and a bit of REGGAE, SKA and PSYCH. We bring you the latest news, (p)reviews, features and release details because we’re all about the funky bumpin’ beats. Put simply, if you’re someone who thinks fat drum breaks and basslines are the apex of musical culture, then you’ve come to the right place”. Lots of links to related music and lifestyle sites. Facebook chatter.

Music facts and statistics for the UK Interesting data about music in the UK, covering UK market size and value, digital music, live music, export performance, research and publications. Compiled by The Creative Industries.

Shindig Weekender A weekend of dancing, with great DJs and live performance based on GhettoFunk. A welcoming crowd. End weekend of May.

Showcase, the international directory of the music industry, with over 10,000 contacts to choose from e.g. backline rental in Berlin through to a New York recording studio. Scroll down the categories on the left of the listings page. See the bottom of the page for common search listings – everything from tour buses, catering, legal services, stage crew and much more. A bit of a resource gem!

Social Media Handbook An excellent guide written by SoundDelivery, on using Social Media to tell your story and interact with your audience.

SoundCloud shares people’s original sounds and remixes. A strong interactive music community. If you like an artist, check out who they follow to find new related music. Twitter: @SoundCloud

Student Guide to Music Education is a free download by Rhinegold Publishing (Music, the Arts & Education specialist) giving a complete guide to music higher education.

  • Universities & Conservatoires, UK & International
  • Advice to help you choose the right place to study

Plus full listings of professional development courses.


The Knowledge is a leading UK-based online directory service for the video and broadcast production industry, enabling users to find film and TV contacts as well as a wide variety of production information. It helps you choose from over 20,000 UK and international production suppliers. It’s frequently updated, free to use and you don’t need to register. (You can register to get lots of free extras.) The Post Production and Sound section is particularly relevant to music.

Vocalist Everything you can think of related to singing and music generally! A fantastic resource for all musicians. One of the best and most comprehensive music information and networking sites on the internet! Every link takes you into a new world.

WFMU – FM is a listener-supported, non-commercial radio station and is currently the longest running freeform radio station in the United States. Worth checking out. WFMU’s programming ranges from flat-out uncategorizable strangeness to rock and roll, experimental music, 78 RPM Records, jazz, psychedelia, hip-hop, electronica, hand-cranked wax cylinders, punk rock, gospel, exotica, R&B, radio improvisation, cooking instructions, classic radio airchecks, found sound, dopey call-in shows, interviews with obscure radio personalities and notable science-world luminaries, spoken word collages, Andrew Lloyd Webber soundtracks in languages other than English as well as Country and western music.

Women in Music is a national membership organisation that celebrates women’s music making across all genres of music. They raise awareness of gender issues in music and support women musicians in their professional development. They have links to other organisations that are useful for female musicians.


Links to Progress your Music Interests and Journey

B Sharp has created a number of blogs that aim to help young people (and others) progress their musical journey beyond the activities we offer.

The blogs give links to websites that may be useful to them. Safety on the internet is particularly important for children and young people, and we have posted safety guidelines here.  B Sharp has come across these sites while looking for potentially useful information and has posted them here in good faith.

The links have been grouped into topics, and can be found by clicking on the topic titles below.

Links for Singing

Links To Buying Musical Instruments and Equipment

Links to Funding Support for Individual Musicians and Music Entrepreneurs

Links to Music Training and Colleges

Links to Music Jobs and Volunteering

Links to Early Years Music Resources

Links to Music Resources and Support

Links to Music and Health

Links To Youth Enterprise And Music Business

Resource Links for Event Promotion

Links for Music Promotion, Marketing & Getting Heard

Links to Music Blogs/News/Discussion/Interaction

Links to Finding/Discovering Music

Links to What’s On? Music Listings

Links to Music Festivals

Links To Classical Music

Links to Organisations Supporting Young People’s Music Education

Links to Music Industry Organisations

We hope these posts will be useful and enjoyable to explore. We look forward to your feedback and receiving additional information that we can pass on.

B Sharp has also posted notes on event and project planning. They are aimed at young people who want to make thing happen, and to encourage innovation and enterprise in music. The notes are under different topics such as aims & objectives, budgets, marketing, etc. They can be found in Ideas Into Action.

This B Sharp resource website has been developed as part of our current project, The Big Mix, funded by Youth Music, West Dorset District Council and Lyme Regis Town Council. We are very grateful to have their support.

Links to Music Blogs/News/Discussion/Interaction

Here are some links to help you interact with others connected to music. Always pay attention to Internet safety when talking to others online.

A complete B Sharp music resource menu can be found in  Links to Progress your Music Interests and Journey.

Music Blogs/News/Discussion/Interaction Resources:

Bemuso blogs about everything you want to know as an independant musician, with information about getting your music out into the world and insights into the music industry. Very good and lots of detail.

British Music Magazines A comprehensive list of British music magazines, with links to them.

Alltop. An “online magazine rack” of the web. They do this by collecting the headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs that cover a topic. This is their Music Selection.

NME Music magazine. News, tickets (thousands of artists), videos, blogs, new music, reviews.

BBC music learning resource lists key magazines to check out on page 20 of this great document.

Channel 4 Music What’s on, news, videos and more.

Classical Music UKLeading UK Classical Music news and jobs website. Twitter: @classicalmusuk

Music Week: Industry news/insight from the Music Week team. Twitter: @MusicWeekNews

Electronic music blogs like Generation Bass, Tropical Bass, SoundNomaden, Radio Canalh, OrganikFunk and Eclectikstudio. On Facebook e.g. sublvl

Ted videos on music – Ted is a site of “Ideas worth spreading”.

Musicians Against Playing for Free is a Facebook page with lots of examples of promoters trying to get professional musicians to play at their events for free with the lure that the performers will get future offers of paid work – getting your name about etc. Strong arguments supporting resistance against this. Why is the musician expected to be the first to not get paid at an event?

In B Flat turns user generated content into user generated composition by embedding video of people making music (in the key of Bb) on the same web page and allows you to: play them together, some or all, start them at any time, in any order. You are the remixer. Great idea.

MusicDish An online community gathering music sites & webradio. Several different services: a creative approach to artist development and representation; online press release distribution & marketing; publications disclosing all the latest information involving the music industry; and even a indie music video channel.

Discussion forum for musicians, especially music technology – studio work, software, hardware, DJing, buying/selling, collaborations.

Create Hub ‘Writing about those beautiful collaborations between art and creative technology.’ All art forms covered, including music e.g. an interview with Max Cooper, the electronica and Techno producer and his new 4D project of surround sound. Innovative stuff! Twitter: @CreateHubUK

Music Education UKIndependent national magazine, news and information for everyone in the music education sector. International music ed conferences in Asia and Europe. Twitter: @MusicEdUK Factmagazine describe themselves as: The world’s most on-it music magazine, and home of the weekly FACT mix series. Twitter: @factmagazine

The Quietus A new rock music and pop culture website. Twitter: @theQuietus

The FutureEverything Island provides a place for technologists, thinkers and creatives to share, innovate, & bring the #futr into the present. Twitter: @FuturEverything

Sentric Music. Music Publishing/Synchronisation/Royalty Collection & much more. Home to *thousands* of artists/bands & getting their music on TV. Twitter: @SentricMusic

Blog example of The Unsigned guide. Must pay to be a member to access full service

Mattew Moran blog site Reflections on the music industry.

Free music software blog Discussion on favourite free music software from the Youth Music Network.

Arts & Business. From Twitter – Arts & Business unites culture and commerce to create a better future for both. Tweet us with questions. Twitter: @arts_business

Twitter Music. Music related tweets from around the world. @TwitterMusic

Guardian music. Twitter: Squashing music into 140 characters since 2008 @guardianmusic

BBC Music Magazine. Twitter: The official random musings of the BBC Music Magazine editorial team @MusicMagazine

BBC Radio 1. Twitter: This is the official Twitter account for BBC Radio 1. Talk to us, ask us questions, get involved!@BBCR1 and @BBCR1MusicNews

MusicTank. Twitter: A unique, neutral information hub for UK music business…addressing change and innovation through informed debate, objective analysis and industry engagement. @MusicTank

If you know of other links that would be useful, please comment.

Internet Safety for Young People

Young people and others using B Sharp’s musical progression internet resources should always think about their safety when interacting with others on the Internet. Well established organisations and businesses are traceable but blogs, forums and social media sites potentially have more risk because the source and intention to interact can be disguised. B Sharp has come across sites while looking for potentially useful information and has linked them on this resources website in good faith.

If you are a young person and are worried about internet abuse, bullying or any other issue that is affecting your life in a bad way, the UK charity NSPCC has a range of advice services, including Childline who can be called on the free telephone number 0800 1111 at any time of day or night.

Internet Safety

Get Safe Online is a good website that covers everything you can think of about internet safety, from shopping to chatting, banking, smartphones and tablets etc.

Safer Internet Centre acts as an Awareness Centre, a Helpline and a Hotline: Telephone 0844 381 4772.

Know the Net has the latest guidelines and insights on cybercrime, online safety, e-commerce and much more.

SafeInternet is a USA based voluntary organisation that curates relevant and up to date information about internet safety e.g. this Parents Guide to Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying.

The UK police have a division for Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) where you can report concerns online, or telephone 999.

Bernardos children’s charity recommends these safety rules when using e-mails/chat rooms:

  • Never tell anyone you meet on the internet your name, address, telephone numbers, or any other information, such as information about your family, where you live or the school you go to.
  • Do not send anyone your picture, credit card or bank details without checking with a responsible adult.
  • Never give out your password to anyone, even your best friends.
  • Do not stay in a chat room if anyone says anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or worried and tell a parent/carer if you see such material.
  • Always tell an adult if you receive a message that is scary, threatening or rude, do not respond and log off.
  • If you wish to meet someone you have met in cyberspace, ask a parent/carer’s permission and then only when they can be present.
  • Always be yourself and do not pretend to be anyone or anything you are not.
  • Never open attachments to emails which come from people or sources you do not know. They may contain viruses and damage your computer.
  • Learn your ‘netiquette’. Widely accepted rules of behaviour include some of the following. Typing in CAPITAL LETTERS looks like you are shouting so use asterisks for emphasis.
  • Be aware that people online may not be what they seem, adults can pretend to be children with similar interests to yourself.
  • Be polite when entering a chat room, check out what people are talking about before participating. Be careful not to use bad language, providers will terminate your account!

Working With Children & Young People

If you work with children and young people, here is some government advice for the safeguarding of young people.

Also useful is Keeping Children Safe in Music. Created in 2010 by the Musicians Union, the NSPCC, ABRSM and Youth Music, but still very relevant today, this short video series offers guidance to music practitioners on a range of child protection issues.

Thinkuknow  is endorsed by the CEOP police website and has a range of resources for people working with children and young people.