Responsibilities and Safety

If you organise a project, you will have certain responsibilities. Key ones are

  • The safety and wellbeing of those who help organise it or take part.
  • Looking after money and making sure you don’t go into debt.
  • Keeping to the law, understand and practice any policies your organisation has, and obtain any licences you may need.

The Concert Promoters Association has a code of coduct which is good to follow if you are putting on a music event.

The safety of people is the most important responsibility you will have. Making sure things are safe is good customer care, respectful to people and avoids getting into trouble if you have caused an accident by being careless/negligent. The Guardian’s Voluntary Sector Network has a good blog about this.

Every project should carry out a risk assessment, where you think of all the risks that may arise to people from what you do. As an example, Parkinson’s UK has a Events Risk Assessment Form put together for their fund-raising events. You can make your own form and write down the risks, how they will be minimised and who will be responsible for doing so. If risks seem too high, you should do it differently so the risk is small, or simply not do the project.


For an event, you would want to know that people could get out of a building or area quickly and safely if there was an emergency. You could ensure this by

  • Checking there are enough exits and they are unlocked and unblocked.
  • Not having more people in the place than is recommended/allowed by the fire service.
  • There are stewards who know what to do and can help direct people out of the area.
  • There are no trip hazards on the exit routes.
  • Emergency lighting works if there is a power cut.

You may have done the best you can to avoid accidents but one may still happen. As an organiser, you will be liable for any costs resulting from an accident if you could have reasonably done something to prevent it. This could run into millions of pounds. Insurance should be taken out to cover your liabilities.

As well as doing a risk assessment for specific projects, when working in an organisation or your own business, you should be generally mindful of safety and the behaviour of yourself and those around you. Read, understand and practice the policies of your organisation. They are there for the protection of everyone. For example, B Sharp has

Health and Safety Policy for B Sharp Ltd

B Sharp Ltd Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

B Sharp Ltd Equality Policy

Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

As a young person, if you see something that seems unsafe or appears to be inappropriate behaviour such as bullying, you should tell a responsible adult.

The government has a useful document Diversity & Equal Opportunities

Behaviour has an impact on your brand. Your behaviour is not just observed in your immediate surroundings, but also online. The Internet has a long memory. Beware and be sensitive!

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