Links to Buying Musical Instruments and Equipment

The following links may help you choose musical instruments and equipment, find where to buy them and advise on how to look after and repair them. If you know of other links that could be added to this list, please comment below.

A complete B Sharp music resource menu can be found in  Links to Progress your Music Interests and Journey.


List of Retailers and manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and distributors that are members of the Music Industries Association – the trade body for the musical instrument industry – selling musical instruments, equipment, pro audio hardware, software, rental, services and repairs. In alphabetical order but you can search by category.


A very good document by the BBC, with advice about what music instrument might suit you; what to think about when buying instruments; Page 5 – where to get them; help with learning; looking after your instruments etc.

A Guide To Buying Quality Musical Instruments by Music For All. What to look for, with over views of numerous instruments. Worth looking at.

Musical instrument makers A massive list of musical instrument makers and suppliers.

Music instrument manufacturers and sales, recommended by the National Association of Musical Instrument Repairers

Used/Second hand Musical Instruments Google search e.g. Exchange and MartWhy Buy New (plus other music equipment – PA, speakers etc), Musical Ads – all things musical.

BandMaker Free searchable database of available musicians and bands. Members can upload their details and soundbyte for people with the aim of getting bookings. Also buy, sell or exchange your musical instruments. 

Musical Chairs. A links list where classical musicians look for instruments all over the world. New and used.

Dawsons. Wide range of instruments, including guitars, keyboards, orchestral and folk instruments and drums.

Andertons. Guitars, drums, synthesizers, PA, studio and computer music products.

PMT Online. Electric and rock instruments.

World Tribal. Drums and percussion from around the world.

Guru Soundz. Maker and importer of Asian instruments, with pictures, descriptions and price guide.

Howarth. New and second-hand woodwind instruments and accessories. Rental option.

John Packer. Woodwind and brass instruments, plus accessories and tips on maintenance.

Myatt. Woodwind and brass instruments and their accessories.

Music Room. An online music shop with a range of instruments and accessories.

Chappell of Bond Street. Offering a selection of music books, sheet music and instruments.

Clarinets and saxophones. Scroll down the page to find links to retailers.

List of flute suppliers.

Harmonicas – a list of suppliers and related equipment such as belts compiled by World of Harmonica.

Skoog Music a musical instrument designed for all! #children #adults #musicians #specialneeds #rockstars #therapists #teachers #autism … Twitter: @SkoogMusic


Equipment Advice – What you need, setting up a PA system, how things work and what to consider when buying, reviews and more related articles.

BBC advice on buying DJ Equipment and Mics and Amps.

Stereophile Equipment reviews, blogs, forums, reports and more.

Music Radar Reviews, news, tuition, forums for guitars/acoustic/bass/drums/tech and DJ equipment.

Amadeus Performance Equipment provides furnishings and equipment for all performing arts environments including education, theatres, concert halls, orchestras, music associations and professional performers. They supply their own brand of musicians chairs and stools, the Opus Posture Chair range, as well as music stands, music stand banners and lights, acoustic shields, portable staging and instrument storage.

Online DJ equipment suppliers e.g. Juno, DecksDJ Kit and Thomann

Axe Music Shop –  Local to Lyme Regis. Run by Andy Cable, guitarist and fully trained guitar technician – offers repairs, servicing, set ups and custom alterations to just about all makes of guitar. Main dealer for Fender Squier and Cort guitars. Large selection of Tuition Books from Violin to Banjos. Drums from Tama and Mapex. New range of Fender Accessories. Good range of used guitars, amps etc fully guaranteed. 1 West Street, Town Centre, Axminster EX13 5FE. Tel. 01297 631 609 email

Bridgewater Music Equipment Buying/Selling A Facebook Group for buying and selling music equipment.

Used PA equipment dealers Google search. General advice is don’t buy second-hand equipment unless you are knowledgeable about the pitfalls (or have someone with you who is!). Cheaper than new, check condition.

Black Cat Music Music stands, music chairs, conductor’s equipment, staging and choral risers, theatre equipment, acoustic solutions and sound-isolating music practice rooms.

Korg Digital instruments, controllers, software, accessories.


A ‘list of lists‘ of free stuff. A blog by Simon Glenister of Noise Solution on the Youth Music Network reviewing and recommending various sites that list various free music software. Includes Sample Radar, Bedroom producer, Reaper, TAL, guitar amp simulators and Computer Music magazine.

There are some great educational games and programs around for singers and musicians of all ages and standards.   The Vocalist has included a few here for you to download or direct links to the authors info & downloads pages.    To their knowledge, all of these programs are freeware or shareware for Windows 95/98 – please note that many DO NOT WORK WITH ME or XP unless stated otherwise.

Free Music Software from Music Radar online magazine.

iPad and iPhone apps for music Best apps, voted by Music Radar readers.

Music Software list Listed here are Wikipedia information articles for free and commercial software concerned with various aspects of music creation or enjoyment. Music software covers a wide array of functions ranging from musical composition softwareaudio recording software and editingmusic synthesis softwaremusic playing software, music education tools, etc.

Special Needs Software Mostly for literacy but can be adapted for music e.g. Drake Music have pioneered the use of assistive music technology (AMT) to make music accessible. AMT is a broad term for technology that provides access to music making. Examples of AMT include a computer running Clicker 5, a switch (a large accessible button that can be connected to a computer) or an angle arm that enables an instrument to be mounted onto a wheelchair within easy reach of the student.

A good blog by Drake Music demonstrates the use of various technologies to help break down disabling barriers to music making. They range from lo-tech joysticks or switches to high-tech motion sensors triggered by the smallest physical movement.


Allianz Musical Insurance Insurance specialist for musical instruments.

Music Guard Insurance specialist for musical instruments.

Musical Instrument and Equipment Insurance Google search. Compare terms, prices and what they cover.

List of instruments and the type of repairs and servicing they require.

Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain. Where you can play, courses on instrument maintenance, cheap insurance.

Guitar care – Humidity – dangers and solutions.

Music instrument repairs in Devon

Music instrument repairers in the UK listed by the National Association of Musical Instrument Repairers. Click on the map to find repairers near you.

Yellow Pages list of instrument repairers in the UK.

Suppliers of tools and services for instrument repairers.


Sheet Music Plus 800,000 songbooks, score, tabs, methods and more.

Best Editions Piano Sheet Music Recommendations for the best sheet music for classical music – with notes to best show the composer’s original intent for the score.

Petrucci Music Library features all the music that is copyright-free – copyright applies to composers’ music until 70 years after their death.
Music Ngram Viewer Type in a melody or chord sequence and find sheet music related to it.
Your Accompanist MP3 music to accompany singing.

3 thoughts on “Links to Buying Musical Instruments and Equipment

  1. I am looking for a site who sale the Guitar at reliable price. And also some information about how to manage and how to buy the quality guitar. And your post give me the great ideas about that. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. I would like to add our link, Amadeus Performance Equipment, to the list. We supply our own brand of musicians chairs and stools, the Opus Posture Chair range, as well as music stands, music stand banners and lights, acoustic shields, portable staging and instrument storage.

  3. Hi,

    I would like to report a broken link of your website.

    It is under buying music instruments, Chappell of Bond Street.

    I believe that my website,, would be a great replacement for this broken link. This site offers a selection of music books, sheet music, and instruments to buy.

    Please take a look at my site and feel free to add my site to your page if you like it!


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