Links for Singing

These links may help you find singing opportunities and develop your singing interests. B Sharp welcomes suggestions for other useful links. Please comment at the bottom of the page.

A complete B Sharp music resource menu can be found in  Links to Progress your Music Interests and Journey.

Singing Resources (also see software below):

Singing is good for you. Article about the benefits of singing.

How the voice works and how to look after it. A document by the British Council’s ‘World Voice’ programme.

Why Sing?  A simple list of various Physical, Psychological, Musical, Social and Educational benefits. Sourced from the British Council.

Blog site about the benfits of singing – see archives for a variety of blogs about singing/health/transferable skills/posture/breathing. By .

Choirs promote community wellbeing. Making Music and Sound Sense have developed a new approach to building community choirs in areas of disadvantage. Evaluation summary here. For a series of practical recommendations for how to start singing groups in disadvantaged communities, see the full report.

The Voice Foundation focuses on interdicplinary care of the voice – bringing together physicians, scientists, speech-language pathologists, performers, and teachers to share their knowledge and expertise in the care of the professional voice user.

Free Sheet Music for Singers And Voice Teachers from Art Song Central. Classical music list.

Vocals Only A YouTube video channel with acapellas of original artists and their hit songs.

Online: Technique and Support

Vocalist Everything you can think of related to singing! A fantastic resource for all musicians. One of the best and most comprehensive information and networking sites on the internet! Every link takes you into a new world.

Do you have to compete when learning to sing well?  A good blog from the Youth Music Network on alternative approaches to teaching singing, with lesson structures.

Singing tips Google search. Lots of sites to help with technique and looking after your voice.

Voice Warm-Ups A collection of vocal warm-ups by Musical Futures that support pitch, ensemble, relationships and timing.

Lots of links to Voice Exercises, Singing Voice Training, Singing Voice Lessons and more on the British Voice Association website.

A large set of links for music resources, including opera. Quite a few are out of date and links don’t work, but many are still live and useful.

Singing Activities for ages 7 – 14 Ideas, activities and resources for 7 – 14 year olds, from the British Council’s ‘World Voice’ Schools Online programme.

Colleges and Personal Training

directory of singing teachers and voice coaches around the world and educational establishments that offer singing courses.

Singing for Pleasure has Bursaries for training to teach singing – available to teachers and vocal leaders working with primary school children and also to those aged 16-26 considering a career in this area.

Apprenticeships in Choral Conducting and courses for choral conducting, including the Young Conductors’ Programme. Run by The Association of British Choral Directors.

Tech Music School. Vocal Courses: Drawing on years of professional experience, the London-based vocal courses offer you structured, ‘hands-on’ training and are packed with concepts, techniques, theory and performances, covering virtually every aspect of modern singing.

The Institute, London. Studio facilities are world-class, for performance, practice and study, and all vocal students study songwriting and composition as part of their course and have plenty of opportunity to develop their skills as songwriters. Full time Vocal courses: Masters Degree (Mmus)    Bmus (Hons) Degree    Ba (Hons) Degree    Cert He Higher    Diploma    Certificate    Diploma    Part time courses: Vocals (Levels I-Iv)

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland International Opera Scholarships. A considerable number of Scholarships are awarded each year on the basis of competitive auditions with a special panel, which take place at the time of the main auditions.

From Wikipedia: University and College Schools of Music in the UK:


Scotland Music schools in Scotland


Glyndŵr University

From Wikipedia: University and College Schools of Music around the world. By country.

Where You Can Sing

Singing opportunities for young people: South West. A list of organisations that support young people’s singing in the South West of England. Compiled by Youth Music. 

Singing opportunities for young people resource was put together to give guidance to the former members of Youth Music Voices about singing groups they can join in their area. Covers all of England. 

South West Music School are a music charity working with talented young instrumentalists, singers and composers aged 8 -18 years in the South West.

National Youth Choirs Great Britain. Originally set up as a single choir of 100 of the best singers in Britain, NYCGB now consists of eight choirs to provide the widest musical experiences for over 750 young people aged 9-28. This is their Facebook page.

Lyme Voices community choir meets Thursdays, 7.30-9.00, in the Bethany Chapel, Coombe Street, Lyme Regis DT7 3PP. Everything is taught by ear and there are no auditions. For dates, click here.

Lyme Bay Chorale  is an SATB choir of about 25 singers, based in Lyme Regis. They usually give two concerts of classical and modern choral music a year (April and December) in St Michael’s Church, Lyme. They have training bursaries for young singers who want to join the choir.

Rock Choir was the first amateur contemporary choir in the UK. With more than 16,000 members, they rehearse in over 240 towns nationwide. They sing their own versions of pop, Motown and chart songs, with NO AUDITION and NO NEED TO READ MUSIC. See map for rehearsal places in the UK.

Sing Live – Ordinary people…. doing extraordinary things… in exciting places…. Bringing the joy of singing to everyone and providing extraordinary opportunities to sing in the UK and around the world. Train and perform with professional vocal coaches and musicians, meet many new friends, become a performer!

Auditions and competitions Lots of opportunities listed by The Vocalist

Singing Competitions Lots of opportunities to show your talent in this Google search.

Open Mic UK is a singing competition searching for the UK’s best singers, singer/songwriters, rappers and vocalists. Open to all genres acts can perform either a cover or their own original song.

List of British choirs with links to them. There are loads!

List of choirs in:

British Choirs on the Net  “This is a listing of 3,415 British Choirs with Web sites and/or contactable via email. If you find a choir that isn’t here, or if you’re starting one up –  email me   If you would like advice on setting up a choir website visit, if you want a choir for your wedding or corporate event, please visit, if you are looking for vocal soloists to sing with your choir visit or if you are trying to contact former singing colleagues visit Finally if you want to advertise your latest choral concert visit” The site is run by Phillip Tolley. Impressive dedication!

World wide directory of choirs. In alphabetical order. An amazing list! Hundreds and hundreds of them. Listed by the American Choral Directors Association.

World Youth Choir “One of the most remarkable musical and intercultural experiences offered to young musicians. Approximately 100 choral singers from around the globe between the ages of 17 and 26, come together each year to represent one of today’s most significant youth choirs.”

Sing for Water West bring numerous choirs together to sing and fund raise for Water Aid. They have a list of choirs looking for singers. Sing for Water have events all over the country.

Your Accompanist MP3 music to accompany singing.

Singing Organisations

Here are some links that may particularly interest you if you’re a choral singer or a classical music enthusiast, especially if you live in the U.K.

Natural Voice Practitioners Network is a network of people who work with voice and song, and who believe that singing is everyone’s birthright, regardless of musical experience or ability. If you want to sing, you can search for a natural voice choir or workshop in your area. If you are already a singing leader or are interested in becoming one, you can find support, training and resources here.

20,000 Voices have a number of links to  national and online singing organisations, music membership organisations and colleges/vocal leaders in their area (North England).

Music in Offices is the UK’s leading provider of workplace choirs and instrumental tuition programmes. “Did you know that we have initiated over 30 office choirs? Music tuition, performances, choirs and workshops… all from the comfort of your office.” Twitter: @MIOLondon

Sing Up is a not-for-profit music education organisation based in the UK aiming to promote quality singing activities in everyday learning. The organisation maintains an online library of over 500 curriculum-linked songs and warm-ups for primary-aged children, teaching tools for schools and organisations and an integrated training and support programme.

Voices Foundation is a national music education charity working closely with the Government, Local Authorities and Schools to deliver sustainable solutions to teaching music at primary level. Various resources, activities and services.

The Association of Teachers of Singing promotes a wider understanding of all aspects of the teaching of singing. We create opportunities which bring together teachers from all over the world. All AOTOS activities and services are open to members specialising in teaching any expression of song: from classical, through music theatre and folk, to jazz, rock and gospel, either privately or in school, college or conservatoire.

National Association of Teachers of Singing Based in the USA, with members in 25 countries, NATS offers numerous benefits that are valuable to singing teachers.

The ONgoing SInging Liaison group. Tonsil comprises organisations that work in the field of youth & adult singing. Tonsil represents 14 organisations promoting choral singing across a wide variety of genres, supporting over 25,000 members choirs and over 500,000 singers, who each year perform to audiences totalling nearly 3 million.

List and links to choral organisations that are part of Tonsil – Barbershop singers, Gospel choirs, Blogs on conducting and harmonising and more.

Singing for Pleasure‘s initiatives include the following:

World Voice aims to bring an international network of professionals together to ensure all children and young people across the world have access to singing education of the highest quality.  The network uses a communications infrastructure made up of multimedia platforms to enable teachers and pupils to access resources and teaching guides. A British Council ‘Schools Online’ programme.

European Choral Association – Europe Cantat is a network of organisations, choirs and individuals in the choral field in Europe. It offers activities for choirs, young singers, conductors, composers and managers on all levels from Europe and beyond.

IFCM (International Federation for Choral Music) facilitates communication and exchange between choral musicians throughout the world.


For PA, microphones, karaoke and other equipment, try: List of Retailers that are members of the Music Industries Association – the trade body for the musical instrument industry – selling musical instruments, equipment, pro audio hardware, software, rental, services and repairs. In alphabetical order but you can search by category.

For other equipment suppliers see B Sharp’s equipment blog.


Choir Prodigy is a free app that has polyphonic pitch and vowel detection “that helps you improve as a singer at any level, whether you are singing solo or in harmony. No other system can hear your pitch, then help you in real time. And no other system knows if you are singing the right vowel with good tone. Choir Prodigy is your coach, accompanist, assistant and repertoire; all in one.”

Links from the Vocalist:

Vocal Software which lets you sing the melody, and harmony parts one by one, into a microphone attached to the computer, and *transcribe* the lines as notes on a musical staff or visual display which will also allow you to change specific notes in specific parts to hear how it would change the sound of the 3-part harmony and could take a sung melody line and generate different kinds of harmonies will find them listed in this section. For Ear-Training and Pitching software solutions, visit the Pitching Exercises page.
Freeware and shareware composition software – several programs available for composing and transposing music, the programs are for PC &/or MAC.
Spectographs or Spectral Analysers offer you the opportunity to see what fundamental & overtones a singer produces in real-time or by comparing recorded sounds. Download and try it out singing various pitch, vowel and volume combinations! There are several freeware and shareware programs listed below, plus information on frequencies, harmonics and links to tutorials.  You will need a microphone to use these programs (any cheap computer microphone will do).
Recording and Composition. Most professional recording software has options within the program that allows you to manipulate the timing, tempo and notation as well as record using either step or live input. Some versions may also have ‘light’ options where a part of the more expensive programme has been made available at a more reasonable price i.e., Cubase has a notation programme which allows you to write and manipulate scores for printing.Songwriters need to have both options available so that their work can be recorded and the music printed for copyrighting and if you are unsure of the type of programme you are going to require then it is worth trying out a few of the freeware/shareware programs before splashing out on a professional program.


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