Links to Music Jobs and Volunteering

The following may help you find jobs related to music. Performing is a very small part of the music industry, so you don’t have to play music to have a music career. Volunteering is also a good way to gain experience and get your foot in the door of an organisation.

When thinking about jobs in the music industry, check out the B Sharp Links to Music Organisations, Resources and Support and Links to Organisations Supporting Young People’s Music Education. The range of organisations supporting music is enormous and they all need people to make it happen. If you want to be an independent musician, strategies to promote yourself and get noticed can be found on B Sharp’s Links for Music Promotion, Marketing & Getting Heard.

A complete B Sharp music resource menu can be found in  Links to Progress your Music Interests and Journey.

If you know of other useful links, please comment in the reply box below.

Types of Jobs

Short videos describing jobs in the music industry. From the BBC.

Types of jobs with salary guidelines in the music industry – as artists, producers, promoters, journalists, managers, instrument makers, business, recording, touring, education, merchandising etc

Music industry job descriptions. Not quite sure which job in the music industry is the right one for you? These career profiles will help you narrow down the choices and find your music biz calling.

Get Into Music – a website by creative-choices that explains the different roles in the music industry with testimonials from leaders in their field.  A good section is the Jobs Profiles e.g. what it’s like and how to be a stage manager, promoter, lighting designer for shows, instrument technician, conductor, performer etc. 

Careers in Community Music information sheet – advice by Soundsense.

Careers in Sound Recording Good information about work in recording studios, what it involves and skills and attitudes required e.g. digital technology is down sizing studios so that more and more work is by independent freelance sound engineers who will need some small business skills to support their work.

Music Librarian A site by the Music Library Association explaining what a music librarian is, how to become one and career prospects.

More useful blogs from people in the creative industries, giving insights into what they do e.g. performing electronic music, hip hop producer, organise live events, how to make a career as a DJ.

Blog on careers advice: Three Intelligent Ways to Make a Living as a Musician.

What is a Music Therapist?

Session Musician. Work for high quality musicians and singers who can sight read and play or sing anything demanded of them. Usually for recording and TV studios. See advice for session singers.

Dep Musician Deputising singers and musicians fill in and replace people for a period of time in bands etc who have an established set.

Finding a Job

Dep Musicians in the UK – Needed and Available A busy Facebook group with request listings for singers and musicians in the UK. Frequent requests for people to work on cruise ships.

Bemuso gives advice to the self-employed independent musician. A brilliant resource.

Entertainment and Music Jobs about 50 internet sites with jobs around the world for musicians.

Music Internships Opportunities for internships to get experience and develop networks in the music industry; on the Big Music Project website, helping young people enter the industry.

Violet Jobs is a job site for music careers. They allow users to browse and apply to jobs for free and are dedicated to helping people reach their career goals.

Starnow Hundreds of musician jobs, categorised by instrument.

Rhinegold music publishers have Jobs listings in music education, performers and music industry.

Job listings and opportunities on the Creative Choices website – some are music related.

The Media Directory A Media Industry & Performing Arts Networking Directory & Job Listings Site. Film/TV/Stage, Music, Photography, Dance, Comedy, Art & More. Launching March 2013. Twitter: @mediadirectory1

Twitter site only: Music Jobs in UK @MusicJobs_UK

UK Music Jobs. In Twitter they describe themselves as: We source the best jobs in the music industry in the UK and deliver them all to your inbox. Check our USA sister site @usmusicjobs UK Twitter: @ukmusicjobs

Musical Chairs Classical music jobs around the world. For instrumentalists, voice, conductors, composers, repetiteurs, administration, management, finance, marketing, education and more. Lots of other resources – courses, directories of orchestras and musicians, instrument sales and competitions.

Shooting People Jobs for composers and sound in films.

Sound and Music Various music and sound opportunities in the UK.

Classical Artists Provides a free webpage for registered users allowing a picture and up to 150 words of text to promote yourself.

Rhinegold music publishers have a jobs section. have links to sites that have various music related jobs e.g. music jobs, artist managers and music producer jobs.

MusicTank’s jobs board provides a platform for jobs, internships and work experience positions for both music industry professionals and those seeking to get into the music industry space.

Music Network Pro International music recruitment service listing music professionals, jobs and opportunities. Keeping music professionals connected. See UK music jobs and UK Singer jobs. Twitter: @musicnetworkpro

Music Gateway: find session work, talent and collaborate worldwide.

Career Jet have lots of music related jobs listed.

Festival elves, pixies and the odd gnome ( trolls need not apply) This friendly Facebook page is primarily about joining up people for work at festivals – carpenters, electricians, transporters, stewards, recyclers/litter pickers, bar work, promotion writers – anything that makes an event happen. Positions can be paid or voluntary. If you are putting on an event, it’s a good site to ask questions and find resources.

Festival Volunteer gives you access to some of the UK’s premier festivals in exchange for two or three 2-9 hour shifts behind one of our unique on-site bars. This is a great opportunity to get involved, see some great live music and become part of our festival community! Facebook Twitter: @FestyVolunteer

Work at Music Festivals UK provides you with a constant stream of festival work opportunities, paid and volunteer. This facebook site posts work opportunities as they are released so that you don’t miss out! They give links directly to the festivals that are recruiting. Volunteer work is a good way to get your foot in the door and make connections.

Arts Jobs posted on the Arts Council website  – adverts for a range of opportunities within the arts sector including positions that require specialist knowledge and skills, and unskilled positions at arts organisations – which help organisations to run effectively and deliver great art. Twitter: @arts_news and @artsjobs

Job adverts. You can find jobs and volunteering positions advertised on the Youth Music Network: browse all current job adverts.

Apprenticeships in the arts. Click here for Music Business and Live Events and Promotion

Apprenticeships in Choral Conducting and courses for choral conducting, including the Young Conductors’ Programme.

The Association of British Choral Directors (ABCD) has a list of current job vacancies at the bottom of their home page.

Advice and Support

The ISM guide for young musicians A 10 page document with good advice for music students, graduates and all musicians looking to develop their careers. Arm yourself with the advice and insight you need to get your career off to a flying start or to develop your career further.

Variety of blogs with advice on developing careers for creative people.

National Careers Service Government run information and advice service to help you get on in work and life.

Working for yourself? Got a lot of questions about tax, National Insurance, business records and expenses? The government has information about registering with HM Revenue & Customs, what you can claim as expenses and more information on their page Working For Yourself.

Skillset supports skills and training for people and businesses to make sure the UK audio-visual industries maintain their world-class position. They offer careers advice and guidance. Phone: 020 7713 9800

How to earn a living as a composer – a blog with advice on various ways to make money from your compositions.

Advice on writing a cover letter when submitting a job application.

5 common cover letter mistakes when applying for a job.

Make your CV/resume sound like it’s written by a real person. LinkedIn blog.

5 common CV mistakes.

5 common portfolio mistakes by Ideas Tap.

CV circulated to friends and members of AIM.

Getting work – Good advice.

Musicians Against Playing for Free is a Facebook page with lots of examples of promoters trying to get professional musicians to play at their events for free with the lure that the performers will get future offers of paid work – getting your name about etc. Strong arguments supporting resistance against this. Why is the musician expected to be the first to not get paid at an event?


Work experience is most likely to be available to those that the host organisation already knows. Participating in events and getting to know people who work in organisations you admire improves your chances of working in that organisation considerably. For volunteering opportunities, look here:

Several volunteering sites for the UK and abroad are listed and linked on the Know How Non Profit website.

Others are:

I Want To Volunteer is a guide by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations that gives various links to sites with volunteering opportunities.

Work at Music Festivals UK provides you with a constant stream of festival work opportunities, paid and volunteer. This facebook site Posts work opportunities as they are released so that you don’t miss out! They give links directly to the festivals that are recruiting. Volunteer work is a good way to get your foot in the door and make connections.

Festival Volunteer gives you access to some of the UK’s premier festivals in exchange for two or three 2-9 hour shifts behind Peppermint on-site bars. Due to bar work, you must be 18 or over. “This is a great opportunity to get involved, see some great live music and become part of our festival community!” Facebook Twitter: @FestyVolunteer

Voluntary Arts works with policy makers, funders and politicians to improve the environment for everyone participating in the arts, and provide information and training to those who participate in the voluntary arts sector. Find an opportunity in your area by typing in your post code in the map and finding organisations near you. Not music focused, but some organisations are.


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